Gaukhar Askenazi - 2007


Born in Kazakhstan, raised in Moscow and educated in the United Kingdom, Ms Ashkenazi is a highly motivated and successful entrepreneur who currently sits on the board of a number of multi-national companies whose business interests span across Kazakhstan, Moscow and the West.

As a Kazakh national educated at Rugby School, England before going on to graduate from Oxford University with a degree in Modern History and Economics, Ms Ashkenazi is a highly regarded businesswoman with a unique blend of knowledge, education and experience that enable her to bring together the often differing corporate cultures of the Central Asian and Eastern European regions and the West.

As a passionate entrepreneur, Ms Ashkenazi draws great personal reward from the projects that she adopts which goes beyond the financial. Of particular interest to Ms Ashkenazi's business activities are the projects in which she is able to bring together domestic Kazakh businesses, assets and people with foreign investors and corporations in a manner which establishes a robust framework within which the great growth potential of Kazakh businesses and resources can be nurtured and realised.

In doing this, it is Ms Ashkenazi's persistent endeavour to seek out business propositions in which she can combine her entrepreneurial abilities and unique upbringing and education, to bring about significant economic growth and profit generation that benefit not just her and her partners, but also the Kazakh economy and its people as a whole.

Corporate Philosophy

MMG Global is a specialist management consultancy that seeks to establish international partnerships in which it can become an active manager and stakeholder alongside foreign businesses and stakeholders seeking to pursue commercial opportunities within the Eastern European and the Central Asian regions. In doing this, MMG looks to contribute ongoing local support, expertise and presence to foreign businesses as opposed to providing a one-off consultancy services for a single monetary fees.

A variety of business models are considered by MMG, some of which are illustrated in the case studies mentioned within the Current Projects section of this site. Above all, MMG's aim is always to contribute to the deal making process in a way that creates further value for its partners, their stakeholders and the local community as a whole.

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